Best Handheld Vacuums of 2015

Upright vacuums can handle almost house work but using handheld vacuum will definitely help you in filling household tasks. Handheld vacuum cleaners are dense enough in tackling minor and even spaces that are hard to reach like upholstered furniture, stair risers and car interiors. Despite its compact size, this kind of device offers superior cleaning performance. Handled vacuum is undoubtedly the versatile vacuum that everybody can find inside the market. This kind of cleaner allow the users to work and clean other areas of their house  that other types of vacuum cleaner cannot clean. Handheld vacuums come in some sizes and shapes with each brand having precise abilities, features and characteristics. If you are planning to buy handheld vacuum cleaner and still has doubt in which to buy….

Below are some of the best handheld vacuums based on our own reviews.


  • Black and Decker Pivot Handheld Vacuum. Black and Decker is one of the popular handheld vacuums. One major reason why it makes so likeable and attractive is its being reliable and the price. This brand has crevice tool and onboard brush, has both detachable filters and dirt bin. It has best features such as long and strong battery that can make your job done, very easy to operate with its pivoting head, has washable HEPA filters, perfect dustbuster for your pet hair and it has a two year warranty. This is a handheld vacuum that allows you to be able to clean almost anywhere you want. There amazing attachments as well that will allow you to have a great amount of suction as well for these devices. Also there is a great action that pulls away all of the dirt and ensures that you will be able to improve all of the air exhaust. There is a wide mouth design that also allows for the debris to be scooped up. You want to be able to flip up the brush as well to allow you to clean up anything.
  • Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum. This is considered as one of the favorite of many people. Its powerful suction takes up the dirt from upholstery, rugs and carpets and picks easily animal hair and stubborn particles. You can use it vertically or horizontally that makes it an ideal tool in cleaning stairs. It has an on-board crevice instrument that will enable you to clean hidden places hassle free. It is not a problem in storing this tool because its cord neatly wraps up and vacuum cleaner fits easily in the cabinet.
  • Shark Rocket Ultra Light. The Shark Rocket is one of the top choice handheld vacuum cleaners for animal’s hair. This tool cleans your carpet or any areas in your house with suction which removes dust from any surface and not spreading it. Such important features that this device possess are the its range of models that you can freely choose in meeting your explicit needs, it has swivel head, ergonomic handle and fairly sturdy lightweight, has two settings- for carpet and hard flooring and long cord that will enable the user to clean rooms without touching the plug in.
  • Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Handheld Vacuum. This certain tool has many striking features that make it as one of the perfect handheld vacuum cleaner in market places. It is lightweight that makes it easy to lift and allows the users to clean car seats, carpets, stairs and upholstery without hassle. Its size makes this device stress-free to maneuver such as for those who like fast cleaning.
  • Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum. Dyson DC34 are considered as one of the cleaning gadgets that has nice built and best features that anyone would love and proud to have. Dyson digital motor known as the fastest motor when it comes to industry that makes Dyson DC34 as the most dominant handheld vacuum cleaner in every market.

Before picking a handheld vacuum cleaner, you need to take some important aspects that you need to determine if that certain cleaner will meet your cleaning demands or not. When planning to buy, you should know clearly about where and what you’re going to utilize the handheld vacuum cleaner. It relies on the kind of appliance or part of your house that you are going to clean.

Part of being a responsible consumer is doing your homework and knowing what the features are that all of the vacuums on the market have and what you want to have in your model as well. That means that you need to make sure that you have access to everything that you need to make the best decision. Once you educate yourself on all of the features you will be able to make an informed decision and know which one is going to be the best fit for your household. You have to choose the price range as well as the features that you are looking for so that you will have the right options in mind.

When you are choosing a vacuum a few other things you want to keep in mind include thinking about who is going to be using it and any features that you may want to have added or subtracted for users. If you plan on letting your kids help with the chores you will want to think about choosing a vacuum that is going to be lightweight enough that they will be able to use it. When it comes to vacuums no two are created the same and it is important to realize that it is as much a personal choice as it is a feature by feature comparison and for that reason you want to make sure that you pick and make the right choice when it comes to your needs. By doing a bit of homework and reviewing all of your options you will be assured to have the right choice.

Other handheld vacuums considered to be the best by leading review sites:

Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX

(Winner of top 10 reviewed vacuum cleaners by ‘Top ten Reviews’)

Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX has made a name for itself not only due to its superb quality in one but multiple departments of vacuuming. With a battery that runs twenty minutes at a stretch, and only takes three hours to fully charge Hoover has made a truly wonderful experience for all those who need a quick home cleansing. This handheld vacuum comes with a powerful suction and goes on for extended periods. Furthermore, it includes one of the finest quality rechargeable batteries. If you have pets or own a small household, even if you are thinking about cleaning your car with your vacuum cleaner Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum probably offers you the best deal taking into account multiple factors such as battery runtime, ease of use, and really strong suction ability. It consists of an Eighteen Volt battery (Lithium Ion) and its strength shows no signs of subsiding compared to its competitors in the same department.

Another factor it makes it great for home-owners is the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in a congested house hold. The portability is a huge factor when you think of how little space it takes to be charged. This product also offers interchangeable batteries with other LiNX cordless vacuums such as the LiNX stick and shop vacuums. The superior design, versatility and user friendliness is what makes this one of the best vacuum cleaners of 2015.

When we took the vacuum cleaner for test runs it surely caught our eye with the low number of passes it required to get a carpet completely cleaned (only four attempts). This factor truly stands out compared to other vacuum cleaners out there in 2015. Though it struggled a bit with hard wood floors and other bigger pieces, it still ran great on dirty car seats. The dust suction ability of the appliance remains praiseworthy as it left no dusts inside our test run carpets. We would like to recommend everyone to use the nozzle for the carpet brush for a better performance on the floor. It took Eight passes to get it in a tip top clean condition.

Now when we focus its performance with pet hair, it truly was exceptional. It got the closest to cleaning the floor spotless by vacuuming in 95 percent of dog fur. If you think that this result is not that impressive, we must remind everyone that this is the closest any vacuum cleaner we have tested came to getting the job done, in terms of pet fur. It also bore similar result when we tried it on car seats. While it had difficulty getting into crammed spaces inside the car and thus had a slight effect on its status but it still maintained the vacuum quality making sure it got close to its 95 percent mark.

Of all the vacuum cleaners we tested none of them had all the attachments we were looking for but Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Hand held Vacuum came the closest in terms of its offerings. The integrated brush, crevice and a wide mouth came along with the product and it was pretty overwhelming to have all three at your disposal. For cleaning corners, staircases and car seats the crevice tool was really helpful. The integrated brush assisted in taking care of pet fur, making sure that we did not have to get rid of pet fur one by one manually as it managed to scrape out hair from carpet if it ever got stuck.  Moreover, the fact that it offers a safety tool for delicate fabrics and car seats is quite impressive. The wide mouth was helpful in getting rid of bigger heaps.

In terms of noise, in our measurement the highest recorded noise was somewhere around 88.5 Decibels. For our readers to get a better understanding, let’s mention that that a normal conversation goes on around, in about 60 Decibels. This doesn’t make it the flagship in terms of quietest vacuum cleaner, but it does come close in the second spot.

When we tried to measure portability we made sure that we took into consideration the following factors that included a combination of a strong battery, a bag-less structure and it also includes a filter, and weighs the least. In almost every category it trumped its competitors and ensured that it was far ahead of its rivals. The Hoover LiNX Pet Handheld took away the show and also with a fair margin ahead of others in terms of its portability.

In the Top Ten Reviews test – the overall power of the hand held vacuum cleaner was tested through letting it pick a weighted box filled screws. The Hoover LiNX had the ability to grab on to a box weighing approximately Seven and half pounds without any difficulty. In spite of the fact that we have also tested several other more powerful handheld vacs in our quest to determine the capability of each device, we were surprised to figure out that the lesser power did not affect the way it performed in vacuuming and cleaning.

The Hoover plays to its true strengths in its battery performance, while there are other instances of rival Vacuum cleaners that demand an entire day worth of charging to get its battery on full charge, the Hoover LiNX Handheld Pet Vacuum Cleaner recharges only in a matter of Three hours and at the same also manages to run for a stretch of Twenty Three minutes without any signs of slowing down. This easily puts it ahead of its competitors. The next major trait of this handheld vac remains how light it is compared to its rivals. When we take into consideration how its light weight never pitched in on its performance this truly makes a homely experience. It weighs in slightly above 3 Pounds with an empty bin. While it may be pointed out that this is not the lightest of all Vacuum Cleaners but it is essential to understand that others sacrifice performance for weight but Hoover brings out the best in both worlds.

The filter and bin system works out great for this Vacuum Cleaner. A buttons press releases the canister to be emptied, once the vacuum is full. Hoover LiNX comes with a wide opening and this tiny attention to detail makes sure that you do not have to dig around just to get rid of the dust. We recommend cleaning the filter with cold water after you are done cleaning, you can do it just by running the water through. The ease of access is simply praiseworthy.

The Hoover website also includes a list of all components that is essential for a wonderful customer service experience. With a wide range of definite FAQs that includes definite categories and sorts out each section properly instead of being one tedious list. The ease of access is also a feature that is noteworthy about the webpage, and we found the live chat on weekdays a really good addition to a top notch customer service experience.

The Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum also includes a two year warranty on maintenance and its parts. Through maintaining a list of service provider both of the customer’s area and its official website it makes sure that you are not robbed off in any way. Plus, in case you lose your manual the online section also includes a downloadable PDF version to take you through each step.

To sum it all up, we have our verdict for The Hoover Platinum Collection. With great ease of access, the handy bin structure, outstanding battery life and weight to performance ratio greater than its rivals, and a wide variety of accessories being offered from the original package. We truly recommend the Hoover for your vacuuming needs.


Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II

(Listed Second among the top 10 reviewed vacuum cleaners by ‘Top ten Reviews’) 

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II is a model which puts an added emphasis on pet hair especially if it’s tangled in carpet or upholstery. The suction level was impressive and it also includes a rechargeable battery. Several of the essential attachments are part of the initial package. It does not take up too much of your home space to be stored or to be charged, the design of the charging stand assists in the process. Overall, it provides a very good deal and serves an all-round purpose.

We went through our regular tests and came up with the results that revealed a really strong suction system and it took us about five turns to clean the carpet area and nine to clean hardwood. It worked adequately for car seats as well. To clarify the procedure, sawdust was used on all three items and trial runs were taken into account and we took in a median of three attempts as the result. It performed at its best when it sucked in pet hair from several scenarios. Despite having one of the best suction systems, the performance in almost all vacuuming category was moderate but this handheld vacuum cleaner made sure that it was a stable all-round performer.

As we tested it, we found out that it really justifies its name by sucking in large amounts of pet hair. In this department, it truly was one of the best vacuum cleaners. It sucked in about 95 percent of the stranded hair, although we found out an issue with its strong suction leading it to have a minor glitch in the sense that we had loosen a few strand hairs. It is also important to understand that we began testing it to its limit and we spread out more quantities of pet hair than the average household scenario consists of. Furthermore, it was able to carry the weight of a full pound of screws from the table.

While the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II did extremely well in some categories of the portability factors, in other it was overshadowed by flaws that kept it from being truly exceptional. The charging stand takes the show with its flawless compact design. Even when it is not in use, there is a procedure to ensure that it can charge. All the other extra attachments assist in ensuring the users get a guaranteed ease of access. Weighing in at about 4.2 pounds with an empty vacuum it seems like a very good deal; especially taking into account how comfortable we found using the soft rubber handle and the firm grip.

When it comes to its battery life, this is a place where Shark falls short of its rivals and fails to compete in terms of battery recharging; it takes about 16 hours to fully recharge but on the other hand it runs about 10 minutes in battery charge.
Black and Decker Pivot Max Lithium

This magnificent piece of gear is bound to make your cleaning a lot easier. The head of this hand held vacuum is able to get to any corners of the house. It has a special dustbuster built which allows you to clean up your pet hairs from different corners of the room. This device has unique crevice tool and an on-board brush. The main advantage that will drive you to get this gear is that it comes with rechargeable batteries and it charges up faster but at the same last longer. This is a handy tool if you are planning on to use for a long day of cleaning all the cracks and crevices of your room. Also it consists of a wide mouth which helps it shovel up all the dusts and it also has one of the best scores in regards to cleaning up dusts and pet hairs.

It works out best when it needs to clean tight spots and the unique nozzle it offers ensures that it can twist and turn to provide a better cleaning experience for difficult places to reach. It required approximately six passes to get rid of the scattered sawdust test that we generally use to test its ability. The Lithium Pivot falls short especially due its motor. The approximate noise level for this device was 94.4 dB which made this the loudest among all the vacuum cleaning devices that we had run tests on. On the contrast, its 17 minute battery life was pretty impressive and when we take into account it’s massively a stand out and we felt that the mounting charging station used for charging the device was a wonderful addition.  Finally, the three layer filter system that it advertised does work out great for the device and it ends up offering the unclogged vacuum and a clean air.


Eureka Easy Clean

Eureka Easy Clean has the most satisfied clientele. Rating it over other vacuums, it has a better overall performance. Its dust removal functions got the highest score and the battery lasts longer. It is easy to use and can pick up dusts anywhere from the house including hardwood, counters, carpets, car seats and what not. Eureka’s hardwood cleaning process is incomparable. It has a wider mouth than any other hand held vacuums out there. This can pick up more dusts with a great suction power in few minutes. It is the just the machine that you need for making your home spotless. The main drawback of Eureka is that it’s a bit heavier than other handheld vacuums, but its performance tops it all. It has a crevice tool which comes in handy. But most important of all, the customer service that they provide is truly praiseworthy. No other handheld vacuums company pay heed to their customer as much as they do. They truly care about their customer and handles each complains with much patience and hospitality.

The Eureka Easy Clean Handheld Vacuum is designed so that it can take care of multiple rapid pickups from different types of surfaces. There is a handy system that lets you shut off the brush roll in order to take up dirt and dust from tables, counters and surfaces like hardwood. In case of cleaning upholstery carpet and stairs the visor on the front of the hand vacuum cleaner can be flipped. All these reasons combined it holds a distinct position as a handheld vacuum cleaner.

In terms of vacuuming performance it clearly remained ahead of its rivals as it only needed two passes to clean the entire area filled with sawdust in our test. The trial run required half passes compared to its next closest rival.  Even in hard surfaces it is able to distinguish itself from others. It also had the ability grab hold of 95 percent of pet hair that was left spread out in a certain carpet area. This is an on par performance to its rivals. However, when it came to cleaning tight and congested spaces it lost points because its rivals performed much better than its 30 percent completion stat in car seats. It also did the second worst in collecting debris from floor cracks.


Dyson V6

(Listed among Top Ten Reviews’ list)

The Dyson V6 offers a trigger design that makes it fresh and at the same time it’s not only just a simple artistic touch in appearance but also it makes the device more comfortable to use.

There exists a setting for taking care of harder jobs, and it also includes a signature trigger style handle. It also boasts the Dyson brand logo which takes up its price tag higher.
While the long and thin main nozzle is just a choice in design that the company decided to stick to, there remains an accessory combination for the ease of access of users. The accessory list includes crevices and brushes and there is a system for rapid release which comes along with a button.  It took the vacuum about seven passes to suck in all the sawdust which can be considered as an average performance by the vacuum cleaner compared to its market competitors. On hardwood, it deviated further from a strong position as it took it about 11 passes to get the cleaning done. This really cost the vacuum cleaner a lot of points and led it to fall behind its competitors.

It covered 80 percent of the area in our pet hair test. This does not actually compare well to its competitors and the fact we had to do a lot of times that we needed to bend down and get the scraping done by hand. When we used the sawdust test on a car seat, the vacuum failed to compete with its rivals, leaving behind large quantities of sawdust left. It fails to reach the more difficult locations of the seat.

The lithium battery that comes with the vacuum cleaner does not take long to recharge (approximately 3 hours for a full charge). An important note is that the runtime for the device is not that great.  It only lasted about six minutes. The time does not seem sufficient to be cleaning a party scene or to clean a car.

Dyson also provides a decent customer service and includes a lot of features on its website. The Live chat feature is always available, and the emails and phone numbers can be found in almost every page of the website. The FAQ section also provides with an extensive and detailed support tab. The device also includes a two year warranty.


2015 has proved to be a great year for the Vacuum Cleaners in UK. There was a wide variety of offerings in the handheld vacuum cleaner category and every one of the devices played to its strength and offered different types of features to the table. From the trigger button to the three layered bin system, the different parts of the vacuum cleaners and its features were scaled in the most neutral manner through our series tests and trial runs. The different tests were designed to properly categorize different aspects of a good handheld vacuum cleaner. We recommend all of the mentioned products that made it to the Elite Five but we would like to mention that the price ranges of all 5 products vary to a certain extent. You as the customer now have a simplified task of choosing but take into account the price range of each item as the final factor for a great Vacuuming deal.


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Which Lightweight Hoovers Are The Best?

Hoover vacuums are a name that has become synonymous with excellence and they stand the test of time next to all competitors when it comes to the amount they cost as well as when it comes to the power that they put out. Hoover has been creating vacuums that are used for all kinds of purposes, but one thing that has become very important in the past few years to consumers in portability. Meaning that a customer wants to be able to take a vacuum with them easily without thinking that they are going to damage their back or a muscle, and lightweight is the solution for this request, Hoover has responded to this. Here is a list of the top 3 Hoover lightweight vacuums.

  1. The Hoover Air Sprint Bagless Upright Vacuum in Silver

This is a great machine that will allow you to clean anywhere. It is also equipped with a Wind Tunnel 3 Technology that allows you to get all of the dirt that is deep in the carpets out with little or no effort. This is also a model that will not break your wallet at 139.99.

The vacuum has a new design that allows you to swivel and turn around almost any object and know that you do not have to worry about getting stuck. The body has the ability to recline all of the way back as well so that you do not have to worry about not being able to reach difficult angles. There is a very easy button that you can push as well to have the bin released and simply throw away all of the trash that is inside .

There is also a great new technology that is called Allergen Block; this is a technology that keeps 99% of all of the particles from getting back into the air. There is also a great brush roll on and toll off option that you can use if you want to be able to use it to clean the hard floors as well.  There cleaning path of this device is also extra wide at a solid foot, there is also a 2 in 1 crevice tool that allows you to get every corner and crevice that you can imagine.

The accessories and attachments that are a part of this device make this device a huge bargain and make it easy to use, carry and great for any project. In addition to that it can slide under chairs and get dirt out of almost any corner.

  1. The Hoover CH30000 Porta Power

The Hoover CH30000 Porta Power lightweight vacuum is perfect for detail cleaning and for the floor. It is very lightweight and is compact and allows you to clean the drapes, the floor the carpet and anything else that you might want to clean. It is only 8.3 pounds and is perfect for any job out there as you can simply swing it over your shoulder and get the job done. There is also a stretch hose that allows you to get into any crevice you might want. This is a vacuum that can be used for anything.

The on and off switch for the vacuum is right within reach and you have the ability as well to have extra distance when you need it with a basic extension . There is an extra benefit as well in the cloth vacuum bag that is inside of it which will allow you to wash and to clean it very easily without having to worry that there is going to be too much work involved here. In addition to these features there is also a built in blower that is available for all kinds of versatility in this machine. It also comes with a two year warranty.

  1. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum UH72400

This is another amazing engineering piece by Hoover. With its lightweight frame of only 13 pounds it is one of the best that is on the market. In addition to this, it is one of the first Steerable Vacuums which has been released by Hoover which means that it can turn with almost no effort from the person who is pushing it. It also has an amazing Wind Tunnel 3 technology that allows all of the embedded dirt to be consumed but not to be blown back out onto people. That also means that there are 3 Tunnels of suction which are in the middle.

The Hoover ensures that there is no loss of suction and means that you will be able to keep dirt out of the air and keep it in the filter. In addition to that there is a brush that shuts off and turns the vacuum off when it is sitting in the upright position. The vacuum contains a cord that is 14 feet long as well which means that you will be able to get to anything that you may need to reach. There is also a protective setting that can be applied to the bottom of the vacuum so that is can be used on any surface. This is one of the best machines on the market and it is available at an affordable price.

Hoover makes some of the best machines that have been on the market and like other brands; they are very affordable and promise the user the experience that they are expecting without making them feel like they need to take out a loan in order to buy their new machine. Hoover continues to lead the pack with many popular models which are lightweight and allow almost anyone to use them carrying them wherever is necessary and having access to everything that is close for cleaning. With all of that they also have HEPA certification on all of their machines and the technology to seal in the dirt and ensure that it is not being released back into the atmosphere for a dangerous environment. This is one of the reasons that it continues to be one of the best brands on the market.


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Dyson dc25 Review

Dyson is known all over the world for their marketing, and for their spokesperson. However, many consumers all over the world balk at the price of a Dyson. But the quality they are constructed with is enough to make most consumers understand that the price while high is because it will be the last vacuum that you will ever have to buy. There are many other models out there, but will they get the job done in the same way?

What Are the Features of the Dyson dc25?

  1. It never loses suction.
  2. The ball technology that is applied to the build makes it easy to get in difficult places.
  3. The animal model is designed to do what the name says and pick up hair in the carpet.
  4. It has an amazing array of attachments for anything you need to do.
  5. The dust catcher in the machine can easily be removed and cleaned.

What Are the Cons of the Dyson dc25?

  1. The price is high but worth it.
  2. There are some attachments like the mini-turbine that there is nowhere to attach them to.

This is a machine that is meant for homes that have cats or dogs, it is able to make a significant difference in the carpet and get up the hair every time. If you are in the situation where you have had many other versions of vacuums and have never been able to get out the fur and hair that is all about to change.

The Dyson has a great and contoured appearance, with over a 1,200 watt motor and great cleaning power. This version of the Dyson has the Root Cyclone technology that promotes great pickup and it is a bag less cleaner, which means that you can have great pickup and not have to worry about running out for bags. All you need to do is simply empty the bin. The vacuum is also smart enough to adapt its performance to the different levels of thickness in the carpet, when it is thicker, the suction is greater, when it is thinner you do not need that level of suction and the device is smart enough to determine that.

This machine can also be used to pick up dirt on hardwood floor or on any other surface by simply turning off the brush bar. Then you will be able to clean anything with the suctioning power that is available with the easy to use buttons.

In addition to that the vacuum is equipped with a washable HEPA filter that allows you to capture all of the particles of dirt and dander as it is being consumed by the vacuum. That means that all of the air that is then coming back into the house is much cleaner as a result.

The manufacturers of the filters also have very high standards that are regulated by the U.S. Department of Energy, to ensure that they remove the right amount of particles and contaminates. The air filter on this is also washable which means that you are not going to need to buy any kind of replacement filters. Instead, all you need to do is simply rinse the filter, pat it dry and put it back into the cleaner. This is a way to save you time as well as also money in the long term by making a onetime investment in the quality of a machine that will last for many years.

What About the Convenience of the Model?

The design of the device is simply revolutionary, although you have probably seen it on all of the commercials and thought it could not have made that much of a difference, guess again. Utilizing a ball is something that will let you be able to get into all of the corners as well as enjoy the ability to move in a way you never imagined you could. You will be able to get around furniture and other household items with great ease.

You will be amazed to see the power of what this is able to pick up by simply looking in the clear canister bin which hold over one gallon of trash. When you see what is coming up off of your floors you will ask yourself how it was possible that you never saw all of that trach before. This has become the most popular model of the Dyson line in recent years because of all of the power of the machine.

When it is time to empty the bin it is very easy, you push a button and all of the dirt goes into the container of your choice, there is no sticking your hand inside the machine and trying to determine what is in it.

There is also an amazingly long cord that will allow you to get wherever you want. There is also a wand that allows you over 40 feet of room to be able to reach any location and get it clean. When it comes to using the wand it is perfect for stairs as well as areas that are hard to reach. When you might have had to stand on a ladder before now you will be able to stand comfortably on the ground and simply reach up to be able to clean the area of your choice.

Excellence is the motto of Dyson and they make machines that you will keep for a lifetime. Although you may have sticker shock at the beginning, the main reason for that is the excellence with which they create their machines. You will only need to buy one more vacuum cleaner if you buy a Dyson and you will be very happy with the results in the long term. Paying a little more now and giving up the headaches of bags and filters is going to be something that you will thank yourself for. Not to mention think about all of the trips to the doctor that you will not be making.

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Hetty Hoover Review

Henry Hoover was very successful both in its performance and in its look, for that reason Numatic decided to do something that ladies all over the world had been asking for and that was add a female version of their successful vacuum, this one they called Hetty. Hetty is very similar to her brother who came in red and now she is available in pink. Women have been buying this in droves loving the smiling face and the cute power and attachments.

Some of the customers who love Hetty are now saying that they want feminine versions if all of the other vacuums. The vacuum is very lightweight, aerodynamic in design and has everything you are going to need for getting the job done quickly and easily.

Who is Hetty Hoover?

Hetty is a very small cylinder vacuum, that is designed for her primary client, women. While it is small, it is very powerful. There is also plenty of space when you need it in the cord to reach all of those difficult places and not have to worry about running out of cord. In addition to that, it is very small and compact and makes for very easy storage.

What Features Does She Come With?

  1. She has a two stage motor that requires no maintenance.
  2. She has a 600 watt economy power mode.
  3. She has a 1200 watt, deep cleaning mode.
  4. She has a great filtration system.
  5. She also has a great bad system that keeps all of the waste inside the machine.
  6. She has a full bag capacity as well of 9 liters.
  7. Changing bags is done quickly and easily without having to worry about there being a mess.
  8. There is also an accessory kit that is added with her purchase that includes all kinds of accessories, heads, and tubes.

Why Consider Making  Hetty Your Girl?

Hoover is known for its cleaning ability as well as its quality, which you get in this model with both the simple design and the power that is needed. She is also so easy to use, that even a child would be able to clean without having to worry about it being too heavy for her. In addition to that there are many advantages as well to considering buying a Numatic produce. A few of those also include their very long motor life, which makes them some of the most known vacuums on the market and the most popular you can buy. These are machines that are designed to work for up to 10 hours a day and still be used for years.

The Numatic line is very popular from Hoover because of how easy to use as well as how easy it is to carry, this means that you have the ability to use it in more than a home. With its long battery life and its ability to be used for up to 10 hours, it is perfect for commercial use and it will keep working. If you have a restaurant, a hotel, or a cleaning service, this is a very affordable addition for you to your tools that will pay back its money quickly over time.

It is also one of those vacuums that are rated highly across many platforms. On, Hetty received 4.7 out of 5 stars, and the ratings dictate that she is perfect for any job whether you have a kid who is earning their allowance, or a housekeeper who is cleaning a floor. Her lightweight design, smiling face, and powerful motor make her a consistent favorite among all users. In addition to that, she is also known for her ability to make cleaning fun, many children are drawn to her smiling face and see it as fun to clean with her.

When you have a difficult to reach area as well you will be amazed at all of the attachments that are out there that will allow you to be able to add them to the hose and reach any of those hard to reach spots. Whether it is a crack or a crevice, many of these areas get dirty and are hard to clean, by utilizing the right tool you will be able to quickly and easily get into any area that is required and know that you are able to clean it well!

Hetty and other models as well by Hoover come with a warranty which will guarantee if there is anything that happens with your machine that you can quickly and easily replace it. There are options for 1 year and 5 year warranties. Hoover is known for making machines that are great, stand the test of time and that go the distance. What that means for you is that your initial investment will pay back many times over. Another thing to consider is that this is actually one of the most affordable machines on the market as well when it is compared with others that are in the same category.

According to Consumer Reports, the Hetty and Henry line are not only popular amongst almost everyone but they are a great buy for the price you pay. Having something that you know is going to last for years that are fun to use is worth the time and the investment that you would put into it. The average user has reported keeping other vacuums from Hoover and this Numatic line for around 10 years. That is many years and hours of use that other brands simply cannot stack up against. Why have a heavy difficult to use machine when you can have a fun, lightweight, smiling guaranteed work partner? Hetty is fun and also is able to be used in many contexts and locations and that is going to translate to savings as well as to great use and a training tool for kids as well. Quality and efficiency are not a compromise or a choice with Hoover as you will make Hetty your girl.


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Best Carpet Cleaner of 2015

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so the saying goes. Having a clean house is very important and finding the right tools to do that can be somewhat difficult. When it comes to making sure that you have a clean floor, you want to have the right carpet cleaner that is going to ensure that you pet’s dander, and fur is off of it. Particularly if you have children, the need for a clean house takes on a whole new meaning because their health and safety depends on it. But with a market that is flooded with all kinds of floor cleaners, how are you supposed to decide which is the right one for you and know what to do when it there are so many options? We are going to look at the most highly rated carpet cleaners of 2015 and make a determination as to which would be the best fit for most consumer’s needs. Here are the top 3 machines.

  1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

This machine is one that is known for its ability to get out all of the dirty stains. It is one of the most lightweight machines on the market as it weighs only 18.1 pounds and it will allow you to also get great cleanliness and also value from this machine.

This vacuum is known for its Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washing System that spins and scrubs. It has the ability to get out all of the high traffic and pet stains with ease. The machine utilizes a system of brushes that spin 360 degrees. With many different removable brusheads you will be able to get the job done that you need. You will also be able to remove them quickly and clean them to get the hair out. By cleaning them quickly and easily you will be assured of the ability to have many quick and easy cleanings.

This vacuum is known for its horsepower as it is very powerful and is just a little less power than some of the other professional cleaners. There are separate hot water clean tanks and dirty tanks and that make all the difference in the world so that you do not have to worry about the water mixing. There is also a great use of hot water cleaning which means you will get a clean experience every time when it comes to a clean floor.

This is a tool that also has a separate area for detergent and is also available for you to rinse all carpets separately quickly and easily. That means that you do not have to refill the entire take just to rinse it. You are also able to have a carpet that has fewer chemicals which is important to both pet owners and to parents.

You will have an amazing amount of hand tools as well with this vacuum which means that you will be able to find ways to clean every corner of the house and every speck of dirt. The attachments and the package allow you to clean the upholstery as well as stairs, and corners of the houses. You also will like the flexibility of the hose that is included which allows you to stretch it for over 8 feet. The tools are very easy to attach and to use and guarantee that you will be ahead of the curve in terms of getting things done. There is also a storage bag that is available for all of the needs you have to store all of your tools.

The vacuum also comes with a very long cord which will ensure that you are able to clean for up to 20 feet around you, and there is a 2 year warranty that is available as well with this machine.

  1. Hoover Steamvac With Clean Surge FR5914-900

This is another vacuum that is known for its amazing cleaning performance and that means that it is easy to use and also affordable. Many users tout that it has the power of a professional machine, but it does not have the cost. Pet stains such as poop and urine, or wine and coffee have been known to get up easily with the new vacuum.

Some of the highlights of this machine include the very powerful brushes that loosen all of the direct from the carpet. The Hoovers are also known for their Clean Surge feature which is one of the best features of the machine; it releases extra detergent for great cleaning power and also allows for a fast dry due to the sucking motion of the machine. This is the most sold Hoover model ever and is one of the most affordable options out there on the market.

There are many brush speeds that are available as well that will allow you to be able to clean in almost any scenario as well that means that you will be able to use it for gentle or complex cleaning. The machine features separate tanks like the others as well that has one for hot water and one for dirty water to ensure that the two are not mixed. The motor is also very high power which means that you will be guaranteed to have the best experience with power and it has a two year warranty.

Being able to steam clean your carpets and your upholstery is something that you have to be able to do to keep a clean home. That becomes all the more important when you have a home that has high traffic and has cats, dogs, and people coming in and out of it. For that reason you want to make sure that you have the ability to keep everything neat and tidy as well as have a comfortable. You do not have to worry about having a house that needs constant attention when you have a powerful tool like this on hand. These models are also very affordable and will allow you to do the job at an affordable price.

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